Sunday, June 22, 2008

We are triathletes!

Last Saturday we did our very first triathlon. We were so stoked. The race consisted of a 200 meter swim, a 8mile bike ride, and a 2mile run. Here are some picts!
Becky is showing her tri numbers just before the race. She's hanging with her friend from work, Becky Anderson. Becky Anderson Introduced us to the idea of the triathlon. Thanks Becky! We had a blast!
Here I am preparing for the swim.
Look at Becky's buff arms. Becky did so good in the tri. She did it in 54 mins.
We won't even talk about this picture. This was my first real race. I think it just got me even more excited about the idea of doing more.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mackinac Island

For our 2 year anniversary Steven and I went to the famous Mackinac Island. It is nestled off the shores of the upper peninsula of Lake Huron.

No cars are allowed. You get around by foot, horse, or bike. We tried a little of each. In fact, their taxis are horse-drawn carriages

Arch Rock, We love the water of the Lake Huron; it is so blue!
Our little bed and breakfast we stayed at. They had some great breakfast. I think I was mostly a fan of their oatmeal.

The governor's mansion. Maybe I should convince Steven to become governor of Michigan some day.
Lots of horses and lots of horse poo. They were really good about keeping things cleaned up with professional pooper-scoopers.

Steven enjoying our little room of the B&B
Check out that hottie!

Kirtland and Lansing

We loved having Steven's parents up here. They spoiled us to death, and we loved every minute of it.
Yay for pedicures!
This tree is outside of the Rose Gardens of Frances park. I loved it!
Kirtland Temple
The love birds in Kirtland.

Outside of the Newell K. Whitney store. Can you Believe it, at one time before the church restored it to its original state it use to be a bar!

Linda and Ricardo came up at the beginning of May. We were estatic that family wanted to come and see our new home. For our first tourist spot we went to the Henry Ford Museum. They have all kinds of great stuff there. If you are ever in Detroit I would highly recommend it. Here are some picts.
Working on a good ol' Ford Model T
The museum had different eras portrayed. I think Linda found hers. She is sure a pro at making yummy, "lardy" food.
This is for you Adam! I hope you like the bungalow we picked out for you
Say no to KKK!
Where do I go?