Thursday, January 22, 2009

11 more weeks!

So, less than 3 months to go. Things are looking pretty good, just battling the anemic tiredness. Hopefully with increasing my dose of iron again and Steven packing the meat down my throat it will get better.
And Mr. Steven got his very first pair of glasses! He now compares his vision with glasses to high definition TV, where as before it was regular TV. I'm so grateful for eye insurance so that my Babe can see.

Here is our bedding set. We got a suuuuper great deal. I think the set originally was over $180, but I found a display model on clearance and then the clearance was on sale for 30% off and then I had a 15% coupon on top of that!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Snow and Visitors

Yet another snow storm (it seems like we get one every week).

Casey and Tamara came into town just to see us. Actually, they came for residency-program interviews. We are super excited to see them, and Paige was super excited about the snow . . . can you tell

Paige has been such a good sport. She has been sick the whole time she has been here, but she still smiles and laughs.

Preparing for Baby!

Baby is coming in a few months. We have been blessed enough to get a beautiful crib from Mom and Dad Trujillo. We also found a dresser that matches great. We were even lucky enough to find a glider on Craig's List for $40.00! Woohoo! Oh and Steve just loves his brand new TV!