Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is here!

You look fabulous Hun! Steven got a new shirt, pants, and shoes!

Look at my cool new winter clothing! I especially dig the socks!

Our new hats gave us a great laugh. We call them the arctic hats...they are super comfy and they keep your heads super warm. Perfect for Michigan winters.

We have been soooooo blessed this year. Thank you everyone for the Christmas gifts, cards and wishes. We are so blessed in our lives. We have such wonderful friends and families, we have the gospel, we have good working vehicles, we have our health, a warm apartment, and so many more things to be greatfull for. I also feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is my best friend and brings me so much happiness and laughter. Thank you Steven, I love you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fowler Christmas Party

This past Monday we went to our friends, the Fouler's, for a Christmas party. At the party there was a cool sweater contest, so before the party Steven and I joyfully trotted over to good ol' Salvation Army to find our hideous treasures. But Nate had the same idea too! Steven and I had some pretty ugly cool sweaters, but needless to say I think Nate (the one to the very right) blew ours out of the water with his snow man sweater from Good Will!

And Yes, I am still popping out. Rebecca Jones (seen to far left) is due any time. I still have 3.5 months to go! Hopefully I can look as great as her at 9 months.

Above: The Fowler Family (Des, Jack, Nate, and Sydney)

Above: The Melo's (Paul and Kate...Where's McKinzee....having fun with all the little kids)

Above: The Charle's (Diana, Brad, and little Sadie)

Above: The Jones (Rebecca, Jaline, Eve, and Baby soon to be)

And of course this fabulous looking couple...the Trujillo's. Man We make these ugly sweaters look good!