Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love this Kid!


This Christmas in Casa Grande was really wonderful. Steven's gift turned out great. He had to go on a scavenger hunt with a series of clues. It was well worth it to him because he got just what he wanted, the watch he had been researching and wanting for weeks. I will admit the idea was not an original, he had done one for me last Christmas, but he still loved it!

Callie loved Christmas too. Funny, I think her favorite toy ended up on being the most simple, stacking boxes. But she sure made out good, and the other kids in town sure love coming over and playing with Callie and her new toys.

Pre Christmas fun

The week before Christmas was jam packed with family fun and laughter. That Monday the Crandell family had a nice big fat Christmas party at RED LOBSTER!!!!! The food was awesome and the company was even better. My mother had planned some cute games before the food came and then afterwards we exchanged gifts. One of the the games was a service exchange where everyone wrote on a sheet of paper a service they were willing to give. My mother told a story while the papers were randomly passed to those surrounding the table. I was thrilled to receive the service of a free night of baby sitting from my little bro Adam, and my grandpa Brewer will be receiving some scrumptious cookies from me.

Later that week Carriane invited Amber and us to go sing Christmas carols to a group of elderly folk and let the little girls see Santa (really Carriane's father, who does pull off a great Santa). I guess every year they do this with their father, cool, huh.

Christmas Eve Steven and I met up with the Trujillo family where, thanks to the superior planning of Poppy, we had another fun filled day which included hiking CG mountain, crafting with the kids, bowling, sharing presents, and eating real deal yummy Mexican food.

After Thanksgiving we still had a fun filled weekend, cutting down Christmas trees on the Rim, celebrating Nonny's birthday, and visiting Santa.

Ya, I know, I am married to one dang hansome man

The picture did not turn out very clear, but you can clearly see that Callie is freaked out by this weird man in a red suit. After she was off his lap and realized he gave away free presents, she fell in love with Santa and that became her favorite word that night. She now says "Santa, HO HO HO!"