Monday, August 18, 2008

So we took Amy to the famous Field Museum in Chicago, IL. They had all kinds of cool stuff like Egyptian and American history displays, plants, stones, and yes dinosaurs! Behind us is a T-Rex head. They had big dinosaurs put together too, but I wanted to put a picture of me and my cute husband up!

So Mummies, kinda creepy...... but cool at the same time. Did you know they even mummified cats and birds!

Oh and of course what would Chicago be without Chicago style pizza! This was Amy's very first! MMMMMMMM so yummy. I think it is very wise that they do not put the number of calories per slice. Then you feel less guilty when you eat 1, 2, or three slices!

Check this bear out! The museum had a lot of really cool displays like our friendly real live bear! ....Okay maybe if he were really alive he would not be so friendly, but cool thought huh!

We are so glad that Amy would come up to see us. We love visitors. Amy is such a beautiful, sweet, kind, gentle, fun-loving, talented girl. She will make some lucky guy very happy some day. Oh and I recently heard she just made the varsity volley ball team at Casa Grande High School! Way to go girl!