Sunday, March 14, 2010

Disney Land!!!!!!!!

To celebrate Steven getting done with law school and the bar, we make a big trip to DisneyLand. Steven has been wanting to go for 3 years! So it was about time.

What do you notice in the picture above...... There is no one there! We were one of the very first in the park, and the first on space mountain.

As you can see my little guy (Sorry, I meant to say big fierce husband) is pretty excited.
He was like a little kid in the candy store.

If you look close you can see that Steven even made us "TEAM TRUJILLO" shirts, which we wore with pride of course.

Woody even showed us some smooth gun finger shooting moves!

So I know this picture is blurred, but that girl in the top right corner, screaming for her dear life... ya that's me on tower of Terror. That man that she is clinging on to who is smiling from hear to ear... of course, it's Steven.

And yes, after nearly 4 years of marriage, we are still living happily ever after.

The end.

Poppy's Birthday Party

It is official; Poppy is a senior citizen. We celebrated his 60th Birthday Party, so as Poppy would say "Don't forget my senior discount."

It was so nice to have so much family together. We ate some good grub and had a good time.

Gramps scooped up Callie and held her the whole night. I don't think she minded one bit.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Phoenix Zoo Day

So today we met up with Sarah and her two little ones, Hunter and Reese, at the Phoenix zoo. I think the adults liked it almost as much as Hunter!
They have this really cool tree house which was just ideal for pictures!

Oh, and we were sure not to miss the Giraffes.

Hunter got a hit out of the turtles, but even more amazing to him were the squirrels and birds that he chased around.

Little Reese and Callie were good sports in missing out on their nice long morning naps.

Even Callie got a hit out of the animals. It's amazing how those goats just sit there and let those kids pet, poke, and prod at them.

and I could not resist putting these picts. I'm so in love with my little girl's hair!

She is not even 1 yet!