Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grand Canyon

Since I will be starting call at the end of April, we figured that we had better get away before we can't. So to get away we went to the Grand Canyon!!!!

My husband says this was one of the cheapest family vacations we have been on. For some reason, which we are very greatful for and not expecting, they let us into the park for free (I think it's earth day), and then we got a great deal on a hotel and packed our own lunches and water. It turned out to be a great trip and great price. Good thinking Steven!

Callie's Wild Hair 1st Birthday Party

Callie officially turned one years old. Since Callie's hair has been long and crazy since she the day she was born, we celebrated with a wild hair party.

During the party we played "Pin the Bow on Callie", where the grand babies pinned bows on a big picture of Callie and "Callie Pictionary", which Carriane was so kind to share her idea.

Mom, me, did pink highlights. Dad, went punk rocker with spikes, and Callie wore a gigantic bow with a pink pony tail.

Poor Reesie, by the end of the party she was done, but Hunter had a blast wearing his hair just like his dad with the blue mohawk! Sarah wore a fun BIG flower to add to the wild fling.

Amber, Brennon, Haden, and Bailey. Amber threw her hair into some fun pig tails, brennon styled what hair he did have, Hayden came with wild spikes, and bailey came with a bazzilions bows on her head.

Amy wore a gun big green bow. Mom had the wild pony tails, and Ben hid his crazy hair under a hat the whole time to reveal it at the very end.

The male adult wild hair award winner was of course, Poppy, with a mix of everything you could think of in his hair.

Carriane won the adult female award with her gigantic black fro, Ben won the most artistic award with his hidden hair under his artist hat.

The grand babies had a blast. I think they loved playing with Callie's birthday toys more than Callie!

The birthday cake turned out awesome. I though Callie would love destroying it, but it turned out that she was most interested in the fondante.

I though Callie needed a wild cake for her wild party, so I made her a wild zebra cake.


Easter was a blast. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Crandell's and watched conference and had a fun Easter egg hunt. The Easter Bunny (moms and dads) brought some really cute things for the grandbabies, matching hats, matching sunglasses, and lots of yummy snacks. We just had a good time eating good food, watching conference, and hanging out.

Callie, Kate, and Bailey jamming out on the piano