Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grand Haven

This past weekend Steven had to study for finals, so I loaded Callie up and went to Lake Michigan in Grand Haven with Casey, Tamara, and friends.

Above are our new buddies Brady, Shay, and Baby Kesley

Being tired and hot, Little Miss Callie was not a fan of the cold water.

Paige and Kesley are great buds. Check out those styling swim suits!

Uncle Casey, helping out with Callie.

Callie was so exhausted when we left. She just zonked right out.


One day we just thought we would have fun with the camera and this is what we got out of Callie.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things Callie Likes to Do

Callie likes to play with her cousin Paige.

Callie likes to hang out with Dad (Dad is her favorite person, she just loves it when he comes home after school).

Callie likes to look beautiful (this is her first manicure, didn't mom do a great job!)

Callie likes to sit in her swing.

Callie likes to take naps (she only naps in her swing, or bundled up really tight, laying flat, and with her feet sticking out).

We love our little Callie.

This past weekend while Steven went to go work in the temple, I loaded up Callie and met up with Tamara and Shay for the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven.

We enjoyed the free boat tours. Hey we're up for anything that's free!

This boat is called the Mackinac. It is used as an ice breaker. Because of it's design it is able to drift on top of the ice, and then it's weight breaks the ice. Cool, huh!

Paige even got to be captain for a minute.