Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Day!

Life happens fast. Steven will be graduating soon and we wondered what we would do for income while he studied for the bar. We prayed to be financially independent and in October I applied for what seemed to be a bazillion nursing positions. Well, about 2 and a half weeks ago I got a job offer to work as a cardiac catheterization nurse in West Phoenix. They offered to pack the apartment, take care of the shipment, ship one of our cars, and even top it all off with a bonus. We were thrilled to be so blessed! So I booked a flight and flew home with my parents to AZ after Thanksgiving at my brother's in Grand Rapids.

Thanks giving was awesome. We had the best oven baked turkey I had ever tasted, thanks to Tamara, the tastiest yams, thanks to Steven, and the most scrumptious stuffing, thanks to me (okay, okay the receipt came from Diana Charles)! Bummer I don't have the pictures to post, but it was great.

The night that I flew out we all went to the little Michigan famous diner, Steak and Shake.

Great shakes and meals for a great price. Can't you tell my brothers and sister liked it too!

So my dad is pretty amazing. We flew into the airport around 11pm, and waited for luggage for another hour or so, and then my dad drove the 3 hours homes that night. Wow! how does he stay awake like that. He is super Dad!

The next day when arriving in Heber, Callie and I went Christmas tree hunting with the Trujillos. Not a bad looking batch of tree choppers, huh!

Then we met up with Gramps and Gran. This was the first time that Callie met them, they were thrilled. Poor Callie is missing from the picture because she was out cold napping.

So while being here in AZ we have been visiting family. We stayed with Nonny and Poppy Trujillo a few days, the Crandells, and now the Adams. Everyone has been so helpfull and generous. Thanks guys for taking care of me and little Callie. Its been nice hanging out with family and letting Callie get to know her cousins before I start working.