Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas with the Crandells

The fam around the good ol' Christmas Tree
Casey and Tamara made it to Christmas, just a few days after Paige was born. What troopers. We were all excited to see the newest member of our family, Paige! Sorry, I forgot to get a close up of that cute little face.
Dad off to work!

Casey's white elephant gift exchange was a hit!
We all love mom
Carriane and Abraham Lincoln make quite the awesome couple
Oh, Sam and Lacey. We are so glad to have Lacey in our family

Christmas day we spent with my spunky family. We had almost everyone there, but missed poor Amber and Brennon who were spending Christmas with the Adams Family. I was sure glad to spend time with everyone. 5 months was just too long to be away from all of the fun!

What a catch!

Midget Vs Mexican

Christmas in Arizona

Gorgious Sarah holder her oh so cute little Hunter.
Boy look at those good looking men. I married into the right family!
Don't forget Clowy. The most excited about everything puppy in the whole world!
What a cute little family!

Ricardo was so excited about his Ipod. He hid that present away from the rest of the others, just in case a robber wanted to break into the house and steal them. They would get away with the others, but not that Ipod.

Nanny and Poppy with Hunter!

Man! What a great looking family! We wish we could have had everyone there!

This year we packed up our bags and flew back to Arizona to spend time with our families in Casa Grande. The hilarious part is that Steven's family lives in Casa Grande and owns a cabin in Heber. My parents, with Amy and Ben, moved to Casa Grande for my dad's job and still has a house in Heber! So matter where we go, we have the chance of being with both families. These were picts of all the fun!
Christmas Eve was spent with our wonderfull Trujillo family. We had a great meal, ate goodies, and exchanged gifts. It was so nice to be with family. I hope next time we get together we will have the whole clan there as well. I am so glad to be a part of this great family.