Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well what can I say? It has been a while. I don't even know if people still check our blog. Let me tell you what has been going on. This last Sunday I finished finals. I feel so good to be done. I hope that I did well, but I can't really say how well I did--I just don't know. My hardest test was Property. It was part multiple choice and part essay. The essay was about 100 mins long. However, the hardest part was the 13 future interests questions including the 4 Rule Against Prepetuities questions which can be tricky. Since then, I have basically been doing nothing. Actually, I have watched about 5 episodes of Chuck on my computer. I love that show and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good show with lots of action. On Sunday it snowed the first real snow. I think we got about 7-9 inches of snow. The bad thing is that they stink at plowing the roads. They basically don't and instead they simply salt the roads. What can I say? We are very excited to come home for a couple of reasons. First, its warm in Arizona--it has not been above freezing in 12 days. Second, its Christmas the best time of the year. Lastly, it will be good to see everybody. It has been some time and a visit is due. We'll see you then.