Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun in Louisville

Dr. Katlyn listening to patient Lisa. The kids had a blast at the science museum!

Easy Slugger... don't move to fast.

Steven in the kids world of the science museum

Here we are, so excited to eat PF Changs! mmmm

Doen't Ashton look so excited!

Batter up! If you go to Louisville you have to hit the famous Louisville Bat Museum

Last weekend we went to Louisville to meet up with Lisa and Jeff and the kids. We went to the Bat Museum, a science musem, went bowling, and just had a great time hangen with the fam. We really loved Louisville. Pretty much I think It's my dream town, except for the whole missing family part, but it's absolutelty gorgeous, even during the winter, and houses are a super good price, from what I hear any way.


The other night we made pretzels. They turned out awesome! Plus it was a cheap date night!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

International Car Show

The Car that drives itself!
Mercedes C Class
Cadilac CTS coupe

This is a $110,000 Mercedes Benz, my future summer cruzer!
Or Maybe it's the mini cuper
Check out the Oscer Meyer Weener in the Version of a Car! The Hibred Fisker
The Real Deal Speed Racer!

For months Steven has been talking about the Detroit International Car show. It is huge! Michigan is known for their big car manufacturers I can only see why they would hold it here in Michigan. They have all kinds. Pretty much all of the big names, and then some we had never even heard of.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Back to Reality

That's right... that's my awesome hubby helping scrub the tub. Work it babe! work it!

After Christmas we had to jump back into reality again, working at the hospital, going school, church callings, the temple, the whole nine yards. But even in our spare time we manage to clean house. What's the saying", "a clean house is a happy house."