Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just living and loving life

Callie is growing so big!

And her hair just keeps getting longer and longer!

Dressing her up is so fun! The other day was just fun party dress day! No big reason, but just because.

Having Cabela's so close has it's perks. Callie loves to see the animals, Steven loves to check out the outdoor gear, and it gives friends and family a good reason to come and visit us.

Just Swinging away on Nonny and Poppy's swing. This past weekend we went over to help out a little bit around the yard. Micheal and Sarah met up with us and we got a chance to go on a double date with a free baby sitter for all the babies! Hurray for Nonny and Poppy!

Recently, my friend Onya came over and I showed her a few cake decorating tips. With the few tricks I showed her, she quickly caught on and was able to decorate these cakes in one sitting! Wow good job Onya! Those are some yummy, beautiful looking cakes!

Law School Graduation

My intelligent talented husband, Steven, officially graduated from law school Jan 23, 2010 from Cooley Law school.

We visited the Lansing Downtown Campus, and Steven showed us what it's like to be a real law school student.

It sure looks like Ashton might make a great attorney some day.

We are so lucky to have so much support. Steven's sister, Lisa, and brother-in-law, Jeff, came all of the way with their 2 kids, Katlyn and Ashton, from Alabama. Steven'a parents flew with us all the way from AZ, and my brother Casey and his wife Tamara came with their 2 children Paige and Brice for the special occasion. Thanks everyone for the support.