Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trujillo Family Vacation

Last week Poppy took all 18 of the ENTIRE Trujillo family on a week long cruise to the Caribbean. It was not hard know that we were all with the same group in our matching spiffy new shirts.

My favorite Stop was Libadee, a private island off of Haiti.

The kids were just able to play, play, play, in the water for hours.

Katlyn made a beautiful sand Mermaid.

We had a nice line up of fine looking men, and a Katlyn, with some fine looking beach bods.

Next stop was Jaimaca. Love the Jaimacan people.

Then came Grand Cayman. We loved snorkeling and swimming with the sting rays and all of the underwater creatures of the crystal clear Cayman waters.

Callie wanted a Mermaid, but it turned out that after Katlyn decided that the redheaded green mermaid was her favorite, Callie had nothing to do with the blond pink mermaid I had chosen for her that matched her room perfectly. I did not realize this until I took the red headed doll away, and she teared up like I had broken her little heart to pieces. Needless to say, we got her the redhead doll, which she still loves.

Next came Cozumel, an island off of Mexico. We were so blessed to luck out with free tickets to the Mayan ruins, from 2 sweet women who were unable to get a refund.

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Nonny said...

What nice pictures Becky. You did a nice job! Thanks for sharing. I especially liked Callie looking at you so intently in your snorkeling get-up and the family pictures! Thanks again!