Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grand Haven

This past weekend Steven had to study for finals, so I loaded Callie up and went to Lake Michigan in Grand Haven with Casey, Tamara, and friends.

Above are our new buddies Brady, Shay, and Baby Kesley

Being tired and hot, Little Miss Callie was not a fan of the cold water.

Paige and Kesley are great buds. Check out those styling swim suits!

Uncle Casey, helping out with Callie.

Callie was so exhausted when we left. She just zonked right out.


Nonny said...

How cute! I'm not a fan of cold water either!!Nice that you were able to be with family and friends. Study on Steven!

Lisa said...


Jacksons said...

Hi Becky Love the New baby would love to stay in contact with you blogging your family is growing wow! Love ye Jennifer Jackson

Missy said...

SO fun! I hope they do it again next year so we can go check it out! Who knew there's really such a thing as an "ice breaker" boat!